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Keoni Fursse
Ceo and founder

Adam C. Bell

Christian Hansen

Brit Andreassen


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Wealth Generation Reimagined!

Fursse Capital pushes the boundaries of traditional real estate investing, blending meticulous property selection with innovative management strategies to generate consistent cash distributions and ensure long-term capital growth.

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Intelligent Investing, Sustainable Success

Harness the power of smart, sustainable real estate investing with Fursse Capital, where we create lasting value by balancing immediate income generation with long-term capital appreciation.

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Dive into Fursse Capital’s Insights, your go-to resource for cutting-edge industry trends, investment tips, and strategic property management practices.

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Investing with Insight and Integrity

oin Fursse Capital as we reshape the landscape of real estate investment, delivering unparalleled transparency, strategic prowess, and financial growth to our esteemed network of investors.